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Various projects with our distributors

In the second half of this year we had some great projects throughout Europe and we are pleased to share some of the details with you. One of our partners has a long lasting relationship with Ekova Electric and they use our light fixture TNAML in their facility. At the end of Q2 Doublepower!! s.r.o. installed 150 pieces of TNAML in their spray booths. As in the past the main reason of the choice of TNAML was the quality of the light fixture that they have been using since 2014.

At the beginning of Q3 Doublepower!! s.r.o.won the first tender of the installation of lights at the factory of Tatra Kopřivnice in the Czech republic. Key points of winning this tender was the robust character of the TNAML warranty that grants the long lifetime of the light fixture and 10 years.


From the Czech republic we go to Poland, our partner in Gydnia EMAO Marine & Offshore who did several installations of the TNAML on the vessel of Navigator gas. In the rough environment the vessels operate Navigator needs a light fixture that can withstand the harsh environment of the sea. TNAML is IP68, glass lens seawater resistant aluminum housing and vibration proof.

Last but not least Germany, our partner WLT has long lasting relationships with different ship-owners that are based in Hamburg. One of them is Sloman Neptune, they use TNAML since 2015 and this year they are installing the RVDL floodlight on their vessels. Quality, robustness and a great lumen output are the factors demanded from a floodlight! The RVDL passed them all and the first ships are already installed with this high quality LED floodlight: