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Technor Benelux supplies TNAML® maintenance free lighting to Jack-Up Barge JB-117

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Technor Benelux B.V.located in Spijk, the Netherlands, is a manufacturer of Industrial and Explosion proof lighting fixtures. The company develops and produces lighting fixtures (industrial and explosion proof versions), explosion proof control boxes, floodlights, helideck floodlights, cable glands but also street lighting for industrial applications.
The R&D department has a strong focus on maintenance free lighting combined with a long lifetime.
Typical market segments are Oil & Gas, Chemical & Energy applications.

Jack-Up Barge B.V. located in Sliedrecht, the Netherlands, is a worldwide well known supplier of Jack-Up Barges and is specialized in the manufacturing, sales and rental of standard and modular self elevating platforms. Additionally sister companies World Wide Equipment, PVE Cranes and Dieselko offer a wide range of floating and foundation equipment like crane barges, tug boats, anchors, hydraulic pile driving hammers and crawler cranes. The company has a leading position in the offshore wind market where the Jack-Up Barges are used to install wind farms.

Project Jack-Up Barge 117 Jack-Up Barge 117 is the answer on the high market need for installing offshore wind farms. Earlier successfully launched barges like JB-114 and JB-115 showed that there is an increasing demand for bigger Barges which are able to assist high capacity wind turbines. With a free deck area of 2,500 m² and a crane capacity of 1,000 tons the JB-117 is a really large, multi-functional side-table capable of moving and installing large wind turbines.

One of the challenges Jack-Up Barge was facing is the maintenance of the light fixtures offshore.
Lighting installations often require a lot of maintenance due to the tough environment offshore according to Mr Hugo Cramer Technical Manager of Jack-Up Barge. Typical problems we are facing are (salt) water in the fixtures which are causing a lot of problems on the electronics and therefore the 100% availability of the light sources. Another additional problem is often accessibility of the light sources for revamping, replacing internal parts et cetera.
Technical Benelux proposed their TNAML® maintenance free fluorescent luminaire. This range of fluorescent luminaires is 100% encapsulated (IP68) and maintenance free during lifetime. The lifetime of the TNAML® series is 80.000 hours on the complete system without the need of relamping or exchanging parts. There is no need for a detailed inspection, a visual inspection is sufficient. Besides that the TNAML® series offers 10 years operational warranty and therefore assures favourable total cost of ownership. Charles Boekhout Account manager at Technor Benelux says: we are proud that Jack-Up Barge has chosen TNAML® maintenance free lighting for the     JB-117 project and we are really looking forward to strengthen our future relationship with them.
We did create a win-win position for both companies.


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