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TechNed® Benelux cable glands

What are the features and advantages of the TechNed® Benelux cable glands?

  1. Standard nickel-plated in order to prevent contact corrosion when used in aluminium enclosures. When using brass glands that are not nickel-plated contact corrosion can / will be visible. Upon request stainless steel 316L available as well .
  2. Exchangeable internal gaskets giving the user the flexibility to change it without having to order a new / different gland when the cable is having other dimensions than initially anticipated.
  3. Cable glands are suitable for use in both Ex d as in Ex e application, being certified in accordance with ATEX and IECEx.
  4. Modular system, a double seal gland (armoured cable) can be turned into a single seal gland (unarmoured cable) in seconds. The same applies for barrier to non-barrier gland or the other way around.
  5. Filling and sealing the barrier gland is only one single operation and can be done when the glands is mounted. This is a quick and reliable way and does not require extra control / verification (for example the next day) as is the case with some other manufacturers.
  6. TechNed® keeps a considerable stock of most used types (M20, M25 and even M32). Larger sizes can be available from stock as well depending on the requirements of the user. As a standard TechNed® keeps the metric types in stock but other threadings, like NPT, are also part of its scope.
  7. In addition to the glands, TechNed® also offers a wide range of accessories:
  • Stopping plugs
  • Reducers
  • Adaptors
  • Serrated washers
  • Earth tags
  • Shrouds
  • Lock nuts
  • Fiber rings


  • The user can use a double seal barrier gland for all applications, making it non-barrier gland or single seal (non) barrier gland with the possibility to exchange the internal gasket to fit their purpose.
  • Wide range of options having an interesting commercial
  • Quick delivery (from stock)
  • Due to modular system, the possibilities are almost limitless