Veersteeg 15, 4212 LR Spijk – The Netherlands


STOCK Plzeň – Božkov s.r.o.

After the successful reconstruction of hall number one at Stock, TechNed Benelux received the order through our official distributor doublepower s.r.o. for the reconstruction of hall number two.
In total 54 TNAML luminaires were installed (35 x 2x36W, 12 x 2x18W, 7 x 2x58W) (zone 2). The luminaries were installed July this year in the following premises:

  • Warehouse II
  • Egalizace
  • Production (filtration)
  • Production (cognac)
  • Production (Fernet)

The feedback of the maintenance managers, after the installation of hall one, is positive because of the high light output and the possibility of visual inspection only. These are favourable aspects of the TNAML.For more information please contact:

Mr. C. den Uil
TechNed Benelux B.V.
Veersteeg 15 4212 LR Spijk
+31 (0) 183-631295 or