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Sabic UK Petrochemicals Limited

Sabic UK Petrochemicals Limited produces and sells chemical products such as petrochemicals and polymers.

Products include ethylene, propylene, benzene, cyclohexane, cracked distillate hydrogen, butadiene and polyethylene. Produced by naphtha as the raw material, these constituents make up chemical building blocks for everyday items from toothbrushes to TV’s. Two plants operate in the N.E. of England at Wilton and North Tees.

Having purchased the sites from the Huntsman group, Sabic have expanded them over the past decade to take advantage of the UK expertise for speciality chemicals. The TNAML lighting fixtures was first introduced to Sabic in 2012.
The engineers immediately identified the benefits of lighting that is maintenance free, carries a 10 year warranty and has physical robustness with high performance levels over the life time of the fitting.  A programme of existing fixtures being replaced by TNAML, on a location by location basis, was put into place and is still ongoing on each of the plants.

More recently, new cracker plants have been built to now process ethane, a bi-product of shale gas, in place of naphtha as a significantly more cost effective alternative. A pipeline from North Tees to Wilton provides this. Once again, TNAML lighting fixtures were installed.

To date, more than 270 TNAML lighting fixtures have been installed and with no failures reported to date.
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