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Project Seagull

As a global oleochemical producer, KLK OLEO is committed to meet customers’ expectations reputation as a reliable supplier in the global market place.

Their world-scale integrated oleochemical complexes are strategically located in Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Belgium.
Each facility produces a wide range of high quality sustainable oleochemical products from natural renewable raw materials.


KLK Oleo Kolb in the Netherlands, located in Klundert, is at the moment finalizing the project Seagull.
In the western part of the harbour of Moerdijk, a tank terminal with a jetty has been built for the supply of fatty alcohols.

Up till now this is solely brought to the factory by truck, now they will change this to supply by ship.
The fatty alcohols will be transported from the tank terminal, by a 1,7 kilometre long pipeline, to their production facility.

We approached KLK Oleo Kolb with our TNAML maintenance free lighting fixture with a warranty of 10 years.
This was very interesting for them, so they decided to let us demonstrate this lighting fixture at their factory.


After a couple of months of successful testing with the TNAML in their existing factory at difficult places, they were convinced of the capabilities of the TNAML. They decided that these lighting fixtures should be applied at their new tank terminal. At the new terminal some of the TNAML lighting fixtures are equipped with the option of emergency lighting. The emergency light is generated by 2 LED’s, offering 500 lumen in total.

Emergency lighting is the lighting system that is automatically switched on when the power supply goes down. In a power failure situation, the emergency system will come into function and the light level will be reduced depending on the application where the luminaires are installed to 2-5 lux. The goal is that persons can safely leave the area/building.


The luminaires that are part of a decentralised emergency lighting system are equipped with integrated batteries that in case of power failure become operational. The emergency luminaires TNAML have other, much more stringent functionalities than traditionally equipped emergency systems used in decentralised emergency luminaires. The capacity of the batteries offers generally 90 minutes service and in some cases (upon request) up to 180 minutes. For TNAML even after 10 years!!!



We thank KLK Oleo Kolb for choosing for the TNAML for Project Seagull.

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