Veersteeg 15, 4212 LR Spijk – The Netherlands

Project description

The exploration well was drilled in the summer of 2011 from an onshore site located on the Maasvlakte Industrial Area to the west of Rotterdam. After successfully testing the reservoir, the discovery was named the Q16-Maas field and the well was completed as future producer. As operator of the Q16bc-deep license Oranje Nassau Energie B.V. (ONE) is responsible for the execution of the field development of Q16-Maas on behalf of the partners.

The pre-feed of the development project has been performed at KCI Engineering in Schiedam in The Netherlands. The Q16-Maas development project consists of new built production plant containing: gas/liquid separation facilities, condensate/water separation, LPG, propane and butane separation, condensate and LPG storage facilities, gas compression facilities and produced water treatment facilities.

Emissions on land are restricted due to an agreement between NOGEPA and ministry of EL&I. The main driving source is therefore electrical power. Furthermore no continuous venting/flaring is allowed.

Due to the high condensate content and the relatively high content of heavy gas components (butane and propane), LPG fractionation, storage and export will be included.

The Q16-Maas production facilities are designed as an unmanned facility.

Basic and detail engineering:
During the basic engineering TechNed Benelux was involved for the (explosion proof) lighting system in the plant and buildings. One of the criteria was that the lighting system had to be maintenance free. In practice maintenance of industrial lighting is very expensive due to revamping (light sources) during the lifetime of the plant and all the labor costs involved in this process. Also the safety issues and the costs for work permits played a role in this evaluation process. During the detail engineering TechNed Benelux supported KCI by providing light calculations, a Total Cost Of Ownership (TCOO) calculation and the necessary technical details.

Based on the favorable TCOO it was decided to award the lighting system to TechNed Benelux. In September 2013 the contract was signed for the lighting system in the buildings and in November 2013 the contract was signed for the lighting system in the plant. The last supply took place in January. Start up of the plant is expected in April 2014.

TNAML®-I series: Industrial maintenance free fluorescent luminaires (buildings)
TNAML®-nA series: Zone2 maintenance free fluorescent luminaires (process installations) MAG- series: Zone2 maintenance free street lighting

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