Cable Glands Enclosures


TechNed® Benelux BV developed a revolutionary explosion-proof, maintenance-free lighting fixture, TNAML® series, with a service life of 84,000 hours including a 10-year operational warranty. This service life applies not only to the entire fixture complete with pre-mounted lamps, but also to the batteries (built-in the fixture for 90 or 180 minutes) used for local emergency lighting.

On top of this, there is also a TNAML® version equipped with the so-called ‘Blackstart’. This special version is designed for normally unmanned installations. This intelligent system can be used for both on- and offshore locations and provides reliable emergency lighting in time of need.

Another maintenance free lighting fixture is the MAG series for street or area lighting. This concept is based on the proven technology of induction. Lifetime of the complete system (luminaire including lamps) can easily reach a lifetime of 15+ years. Also on this lighting series, TechNed® Benelux BV offers the users a 10 year warranty.

In addition to these revolutionary lighting series, TechNed® Benelux BV has various other lighting fixtures in its explosion-proof range, varying from LED obstruction lighting, spotlights and signal lights.

The latest lighting addition is the Helideck Floodlight, type TB-AMG-HFL series. This luminaire is in accordance with the relevant guidelines which enlightens the ‘H’.

Cable glands

In order to facilitate the needs of the users and contractors, also based on experiences of other manufacturers, TechNed® Benelux BV has, since 2015, certified its own range of cable glands in accordance with ATEX and IECEx standards.

These glands are brass nickel-plated or stainless steel and have a wide range in terms of applications. Think of single, double seal, compound glands, metric of NPT threading this addition to the product range enables TechNed Benelux BV to act more independent and also to be more cost effective towards the market.

Additionally together with a partner TechNed® Benelux BV is also providing, reducers, adaptors, stopping plugs and miscellaneous in relation to cable glands.


TechNed® Benelux BV has extensive knowledge in designing and developing explosion proof solutions. In cooperation with the customer, the company seeks the most cost-effective solution, without compromising on the safety of the installation. Various in-house engineering department design, make and assemble the embodiments of the products. The products include:

  • Ex d aluminium or stainless steel control panels / motor starters
  • Ex d stainless steel camera or laser housing solutions
    TB-AMG-CCTV series
  • Ex e/i stainless steel enclosures
    TB-JB-R series


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