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PQ Silicas B.V.

PQ Silicas B.V. manufactures and supplies inorganic industrial products derived from sand. It offers soluble silicates for detergents, paper stock, textiles, paint, and fuel; sodium metasilicates for industrial and institutional markets; sodium silicates; and adsorbent gels. PQ has several production plants in the Netherlands; Eijsden, Winschoten, and Maastricht.

PQ Silicas B.V. is a subsidiary of PQ Corporation, the world largest producer of soluble silicates, including sodium silicate or water glass. This raw material is used mainly for the chemical industry, among other things, in detergents, in paper production and in the process of brewing beer. This silicate powder is used by various beer brewers around the world who are not allowed to use chemicals to filter the beer. PQ Silicas B.V. produces water glass in Winschoten as well. The water glass is also supplied to factories which produce fiberglass products.

In the event of final washing of the end product, there are temperatures reached of 65-70 degrees. At these temperatures chlorides are released that severely damage the structures as well the lighting fixtures. The ambient temperature is 45-50 degrees and it is a very humid environment, so there were luminaires with water inside and they were looking for a proper solution for the lighting in this factory. Dirt and moisture have a devastating effect on the performance of (electrical) components in traditional plastic lighting fixtures. As a result of ‘breathing’, the traditional fluorescent lighting fixtures will attract both, shortening the lifetime of the components.

The sealed for life TNAML lighting fixture is completely dust and waterproof. The TNAML has a robust aluminium housing and the diffuser of the TNAML lighting fixtures is made of hardened safety glass and is self-cleaning and therefore a perfect solution for this harsh environment.

We thank PQ Silicas B.V. for choosing for the TNAML!

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