Veersteeg 15, 4212 LR Spijk – The Netherlands

We herewith present you our first newsletter!!

Each quarter we will send you our new letter in which we will update you on the past quarter and giving a view on what to expect from us in the coming period.

After a very successful 2013 in which we have celebrated our first lustrum and changed our name from Technor Benelux into TechNed Benelux, we are now looking back on the first quarter of 2014 and looking forward to the next.

The first quarter of 2014 has been interesting where we have been very successful with our TNAML® series both nationally as internationally. In some other articles of this newsletter we give you some more information on this. Our MAG series for street lighting are also creating more and more interest.

We clearly see a change of perception with our customers and potential customers where the combination of reliable, safe  and maintenance free lighting products is accepted more frequently as the Total Cost of Ownership is now something that is becoming important whereas in the past this might not always have been the case.

Starting from the second quarter TechNed Benelux will also start to promote, sell and manufacture its own range of Ex d enclosures. These enclosures are 100% built in our premises in Spijk in accordance with customers’ specifications. In the next newsletter you will find more information. If you cannot wait till then, please contact us for more information.

Feel free to distribute this newsletter within your organization. If you have any questions on how TechNed Benelux could assist you in even further improving the safety and reliability of hazardous area products in your installation(s), let us know and we or one of our partners will be happy to visit you and discuss the options.

Warm regards,

Marcel Geluk
Managing Director of TechNed Benelux BV