Veersteeg 15, 4212 LR Spijk – The Netherlands

Nord-West Ölleitung GmbH

Nord-West Oelleitung GmbH (NWO), founded in 1956, set out to build and operate the first long-range crude oil pipeline in Europe, which would serve the refineries in the Ems and Rhine-Ruhr regions in Germany, a goal it had already achieved by 1958.The tanker discharging pier and oil tank farm facilities located at Jade Bay, Wilhelmshaven have been part of their permanent operations ever since, as has the long-distance pipeline stretching from our North Sea tank farm in Wilhelmshaven all the way to Wesseling, near Cologne.

N.W.O. sets high priorities to environmentally and economical friendly solutions! With this kept in mind N.W.O. made a choice to use the maintenance free luminaire of TechNed Benelux.

Our TNAML linear luminaires offer a perfect lighting on the jetties and pontoon.
The TNAML defies not only all weather conditions of the harsh North Sea environment, but also meets the high standard that N.W.O. sets for their facility.

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