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Like a lightning flash

2014 has passed by like a lightning flash, one moment it’s there, the next is already gone.
For TechNed Benelux 2014 has been a very rewarding year in which it has reached considerable milestones that without the trust and confidence of you, our customers and partners, would have never been reached.

On November 10th, TechNed Benelux was voted young entrepreneur / young business of the year. For all of us in this was a both a surprise and a confirmation that we are on the right path for the future. The high-end products in combination with the demand from the market we are able to present to the market sustainable solutions and a higher level of safety for both personnel as for the installations.

In cooperation with our technology partner BCom Mobile, we have been successful in obtaining both ATEX and IECEx certification for a new, revolutionary type of smartphone, the EX-SM14. For more information on this extraordinary product, we kindly ask you to visit In the coming year we will astonish you with the next development, the tablet…

Our new range flameproof enclosures we officially released this year is a great success! Next year we aim to increase again in this field and we see good prospects ahead already!

In the field of lighting we are seeing an increased demand for LED lighting. This is a trend we are following closely. The main thing about the growing demand of LED products is that the information given about the LED lighting fixtures (general purpose) is often not correct or misinterpreted. People are asking for LED because it is LED. This is in our opinion a wrong trend: manufacturers, suppliers and users should look at the application and then decide for the best solution available by comparing apples with apples and pears with pears instead of apples versus pears. The fact that there are no international standards (IEC) everyone can say something according to their own view and interpretation is not making things easier as well.
The majority of the cases will prove that the TNAML® fluorescent lighting with all of its benefits will come out on top. We would be happy to inform you about all the benefits that TNAML® has over the current LED solutions for general purpose lighting.
For sure this topic will be continued in the coming year(s) and we will update you when changes are coming.

For now I finish with:
Happy holidays and wishing you all a healthy, safe and sparkling 2015!!!

Marcel Geluk