Veersteeg 15, 4212 LR Spijk – The Netherlands

Kemira Europoort has chosen for the maintenance free lighting fixtures of Technor Benelux

The Peroxide factory of Kemira in the Europoort (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) is built in 1990. At the time it was decided to use the traditional plastic explosion proof lighting fixtures with the poly carbonate covers..

Until a few years ago, the fluorescent lamps were replaced by the production operators when one was broken or when they had some time.

Due to the fact that the available time of the production operators was getting less and less due to expansion of the responsibilities, these operations were outsourced.

The luminaires had now reached the end of their technical lifespan and the light output was enormously reduced as a result of the UV radiation on the polycarbonate covers, it was decided to replace the existing lighting fixtures. The goal of Kemira was to have lighting fixtures that were either maintenance free or maintenance friendly with a long lifespan and had a guaranteed light output throughout its technical lifespan

Their solution was found with Technor Benelux, who offered Kemira the maintenance free TNAML® lighting fixtures. These lighting fixtures are having a 10 year warranty on operation (conditions apply), this is without re-lamping. The result of this choice is that there are huge savings on material, labor and scaffolding as these are no longer required and the inspection of the lighting fixture can be done visually.

Also by using a toughened glass cover which is not affected by UV radiation the light output will remain high.

After the first successful revamp on the 2nd flood, Kemira has also made a start with the revamp on the 1st floor.

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