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EMERALD Kalama Chemical Botlek choses for maintenance free lighting of TECHNED BENELUX



The basis of the Emerald Kalama Chemical factory in the Botlek (Rotterdam, the Netherlands) was built in the 1960’s – 1970’s. the lighting fixtures used were the well-known explosion proof versions with polycarbonate covers from the period 1972  up to 2008. Maintenance consisted of changing fluorescent tubes when broken replacing intern components such as ballast. Once every 4 years the lighting was inspected thoroughly on ATEX and dirt accumulation. This created a lot of extra maintenance cost (materials, labor and scaffolding) according by Mr. Fons Happel, Technical Specialist at Emerald Kalama Chemical.

With the revision of one of the installations at the Botlek site, the replacement of the lighting fixtures, partially initiated by Operations, was added to the scope. Savings on maintenance costs, improved lighting levels were main focus.

By coincident, Fons Happel came into contact with Charles Boekhout of TechNed® Benelux being a manufacturer of explosion proof materials such as the patented, maintenance free TNAML® series. The maintenance free concept in combination with the robust construction and the high light output resulted in a pilot for Operations, Maintenance and the contractor. In total 9 TNAML® lighting fixtures were placed at strategic positions. Operations reported that the light output was significantly higher and better distributed than they were used to. Because of this there is much less inconvenience from lighting pollution. Maintenance confirmed that the maintenance free concept of the TNAML® series met the requirements of the scope:  savings on the maintenance requirements of the current installation.

The total costs for the replacement of the lighting installation together with a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculation resulted in the fact that Emerald Kalama Chemical choose the TNAML® lighting fixtures. The TCO showed a break-even point within the year and that from that moment on, savings are made on lighting on this installation.

Reducing the maintenance cost (no lamp changes, reducing inspection and scaffolding cost, ad hoc replacements or repairs), the increased light level, 10 year full operational warranty (including fluorescent tubes) are according to Fons Happel important added values for adopting TechNed® as preferred partner, for both maintenance as new built projects.

By choosing for the option of the flying lead(pre-mounted cable at the TechNed® factory) a complete luminaire is created. This is reducing the installation time and cost. The sole thing to do is mounting the luminaire and connecting it to a power supply. No more opening of luminaires for electrical connection, only fit and forget. The adjustable mounting brackets make the TNAML® multi-functional as the majority of the existing brackets do not need to be changed.

More information on the Emerald Kalama Chemical project is available at:

Emerald Kalama Chemical, Mr. Fons Happel Tel. 0181-249277
TechNed® Benelux, Mr Charles Boekhout Tel. 0183-631295