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2016 is now well on the way.

2016 is now well on the way and the prospects are more interesting than ever! For this year we have high expectations and the first projects have already been awarded to us.

When glancing briefly back to last year, which was, thanks to your contributions, very well. With our TNAML lighting fixtures we were awarded several interesting projects, one of which is also included in this newsletter. Other rewarding and interesting references were: Total (UK), Shell Netherlands Chemicals (NL), Shell Netherlands Refinery (NL), Emerald Kalama Products (NL), Evonik, also known as Peroxichem (NL), Cereal Docks (IT), Mero (CZ), Stolt Shipping (NL) and many more.

Though we see a large demand for LED lighting, it’s a trend, TechNed has not included anything particular in this field. The applications for LED lighting are numerous, however for industrial applications (as a replacement of the fluorescent luminaires) the TNAML series are currently providing a much better solution than the LED luminaires available in the market. Many people think and claim that the LED luminaires for industrial application are more energy efficient or provide a better light output or safe maintenance costs. These claims are mostly incorrect, TNAML is in most, if not all, cases more energy efficient than the LED luminaires, has a better light result and much better savings on maintenance. To top it off, TechNed is giving a 10 year warranty on the TNAML series as well. Our technical sales team is more than happy to visit you and provide you with information.

Our engineering department is taking more form every day. The drawings are, after approval from the customer given to the assembly department where a team of experts are completing the enclosures to the customers specification. As our level of knowledge is very high together with the sense of quality we foresee a large increase in this department for the coming period. Let us show you our added value and send us your enquiry.

We added 2 new colleagues to our team, one of them is introducing himself in this newsletter. Corné Bons our new account manager for the Dutch market and Ruth van der Laan, who will introduce herself in the next newsletter, for internal sales support.

In the R&D department we are not just waiting on things to come, pro-actively we are developing several interesting things on which we will inform you in later newsletters.

With pride we inform you that we have now added our own certified brass nickel-plated cable glands to our product portfolio. On this topic you can find more further on in this newsletter.

For now we thank you for trusting us and we are looking forward to expanding our relationship this year and the years to come!


Marcel Geluk